Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The New Face Of Marc Jacobs Beauty Is Totally Unexpected by Tara Rasmus for Refinery29

There were few news items that hit as hard in the beauty world last year as the launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty. With its sleek packaging, high-tech formulas, and to-die-for shades, MJ's products were the answer to every beauty maven's dreams. And now, in typical Marc fashion, the brand has shocked and awed with the announcement of their spokesmodel. The new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty will be none other than iconic 64-year-old actress Jessica Lange.

The brand released this shadowy sneak peek image today on Instagram. The campaign was shot by David Sims, who also captured the first images promoting the brand's launch. Lange was most recently featured as the voice behind Jacobs' spring '14 show. And, it looks like she's now officially one of his muses.

The announcement comes hot on the tail of NARS announcing 68-year-old Charlotte Rampling as its newest face — we can't help but wonder if this is simply a coincidence or if these two events may officially signal the end of ageism in the beauty industry. Either way, we're thrilled to see these iconic women being celebrated as they should be — their time-honored gorgeousness is truly inspiring.

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