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Carine Roitfeld for MAC

Photo: Mario Sorrenti for MAC, via WWD
Paris Vogue editor is the latest in a long list of collaborators with MAC cosmetics. Her collection will be out this fall, close to the time of the September release of her book "CR Fashion Book". 

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Bold Hollywood Hair Color

Rachel McAdams
Whether it's Rhianna's bright red, Dianna Ross inspired do, or Rachel McAdams hot pink highlights, bright hair color is all over the red carpet. But this can be a tricky trend to emulate. If not done right, bold hair hues can look juvenile or cartoonish. Flashy frocks will definitely draw attention, just make sure it's the right kind.

Exclusively at Sephora

Nars, Fashion Icon Set, $59

A four-piece Spring beauty set created exclusively for Sephora by brand founder Francois Nars.

This is the perfect spring make up kit. Colors infused with golden flecks of peach and pink are great on any skin tone.

This set contains:
- 0.08 oz Mini Orgasm/Super Orgasm Blush Duo (peachy pink with shimmer/ peachy pink with gold glitter)
- 0.5 oz Orgasm Nail Polish (peachy pink with gold sheen)
- 0.14 oz Super Orgasm Lip Gloss (sheer warm pink with golden shimmer)
- 0.28 oz Mini Orgasm Multiple (peachy pink shimmer) 

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 Gucci to launch Make Up line!

Yes, it's true, Gucci is launching a cosmetics line. The Italian fashion house and Proctor & Gamble, who have worked together for years now, signed a new contract to work on skin care and this new makeup line. P&G and Gucci have worked together on fragrances for a number of years now, so their new deal is no surprise.

P&G recently announced they will be focusing on luxury beauty, so this collaboration with Gucci seems perfectly in step with their strategy to expand and promote luxury beauty products.

No word yet on when we can expect to see the line. Rest assured, as soon as the launch date is announced, you'll be the first to know!

My Product Picks of the Day

Jane Iredale Amazing Base SPF 20
 Here in California it feels like Spring has sprung! My two favorite products for amazing sun protection with a flawless finish are the Solar Protection Formula TIZO3 SPF 40 ($39) and Jane Iredale Amazing Base SPF 20 ($42). 

TIZO3 SPF 40, with a titanium, iron and zinc oxide base, provides superior sun protection with a silky, flawless finish. It's a full spectrum sunscreen and make up primer in one!

Jane Iredale Amazing Base SPF 20 is just that, amazing. This mineral foundation provides excellent coverage with a dewy finish. It is 100% pure minerals, no mica or talc to irritate your skin or clog pores. 

The combination of these two products gives me the appearance of perfect, youthful skin and unparalleled sun protection. So go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Emmanuelle Chriqui
Besides the fact that Emmanuelle Chriqui is crazy beautiful, she has gorgeous hair. I love this 70's pin straight style on her. If you love this look as much as I do, you can easily recreate it at home. I suggest using Unite Eurotherapy Lazer Straight ($22) and Unite Eurotherapy Shina Liquid Gloss ($24). 

Lazer Straight can tame even the most thick, curly mane but is light enough to use on fine hair. And for a high gloss shine, Shina Liquid Gloss is the best! It's an oil free, silicone based product that helps smooth, define and shine without weighing the hair down.

My favorite thing about Unite products is that you can cocktail them. I use about a quarter size amount of Lazer Straight and add few drops of the Shina Liquid Gloss. I emulsify and apply from roots to ends, then blow dry as usual. I flat iron in one inch sections (I recommend using the Unite Pro-System 450 Professional Flat Iron. You can find them on EBay for as low as $80). I go over each section twice to ensure the hair is stick straight. I apply a couple more drops of the Shina Gloss Liquid for an even more luminescent finish.

Check out the "Where to Buy" page for info on where you can purchase Unite products and any other products mentioned in this blog.

Product of the Day

Benefit, 10, $28
This is my favorite year round product. Whether I am fair or have a little color, this bronzer/highlighter duo is my make up staple.

The satiny pink and bronze powders give you sleek, sculpted cheekbones and a sunkissed glow. Just sweep your brush over the dual powder and apply to cheekbones, highlighter on top, bronzer on the bottom. Great with natural make up for a healthy glow or over evening make up for a little extra shimmer.

Golden Globes Hair

Scarlet Johansen, Golden Globes 2011
If you caught the Golden Globes last night, you must have seen Scarlet Johansen walking the red carpet. Did you love her hair?!This Robert Vetica style was created with all Moroccan Oil products.

Want to get this look? Here are the 7 steps to look like ScarJo.

First, cleanse the hair with Moroccan Oil Shampoo. Apply a quarter size portion of Moroccan Oil Treatment to wet hair and blowdry upside down. This will provide volume, the treatment giving the hair a smooth texture and shine. 

Next, direct the hair away from the face, bring it back to the nape of the neck, then up and towards the crown.

Curl small 1 inch sections of the hair, starting at the nape of the neck and up towards the crown using a curling iron. Once you reach the crown, curl the hair back from face.

When you're finished setting the hair, give the curls a good spray of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.

Using a paddle brush, brush the hair through, directing it up and away from the face and neck towards the crown. Backcomb (or French Lace) to create a directional shape. 

Attach two hairclips to keep the sides of your head and finish the 40's style.

Gently brush through the top of the hair to smooth out the curls and give it a nice wave. Backcomb the crown for height, spray with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and spritz with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for a healthy, luminous finish.

Product of the Day
Opi Brilliance block, $5

This is my secret for an instant manicure without polish! You can use this on natural or artificial nails. It's a 1000/4000 grit block and buffer offer a brilliant final step in the nail finishing process! Quickly and easily gives artificial and natural nails a super highgloss shine. The green side removes imperfections and the white side polishes to leave your nails with a glossy shine without damaging your nails and cuticles. Make sure you don't use oil with this block, it will damage the file surface.

Product of the Day 

L'Occitane Hand Cream, 1 oz., $10
This has to be my favorite hand cream. It's 20% shea butter, super creamy and smells like baby powder. Honey, almond, and coconut oil are blended with the shea butter so it's super moisturizing but not greasy. It penetrates the skin quickly leaving your hands super smooth. 

Check out for the complete line of L'Occitane products

Hello Kitty!!!

Hello Kitty Brush Set, $49
She has arrived! Sephora has the full Hello Kitty Collection of fragrance, make up and accessories. Ranging in price from $16 for a shower cap to $49 for this brush set or bling mirror. If you weren't a Hello Kitty fan before, this collection will easily convert you! 

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Spring 2011 Hair Trends

Soft, messy waves are big this season. The easiest way to achieve this look is the Kevin Murphy Surfer Girl Kit ($36). It comes with the styling product and accessories you need including complete instructions to get great hair in minutes. 
There is even a  podcast on the Kevin Murphy website that is a full tutorial on how to get the Surfer Girl style. 
Finish with a 70's inspired headscarf or headband and you'll be set for spring.

Bold, vibrant colors are big this season. Bright blue, pink and red are a great contrast colors. This is a fun and playful look that will take any haircut up a notch.

Make sure to go to a salon professional to get this look, trying it at home could lead to disaster.

Another super fun trend is feather hair extensions. Whether you want to accent a bold spring color or just funk up your current style, Featherlocks feather hair extensions ( are a great way to to get attention.

The feathers are easy to maintain. You can wash, brush, blow dry and style them just like your own hair. They last about 8 weeks in the hair and cost about $15-20 per feather. Since the feathers can be used multiple times and come in a variety of colors, the possibilities are endless!

 Spring 2011 Make up Trends

Natural make up is one of my favorite trends of the season. Jane Iredale loose powder ($42) gives excellent coverage with a dewy finish. If you need a little more coverage try the Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF 15 ($36) as a base. Use a touch of highlighter or light shimmer blush on the apples of your cheeks, I love Nars Blush in Orgasm ($26). Leave lids nude with brown mascara and finish the look with a sheer gloss. My absolute favorite is Mac Plushglass in Wildly Lush ($18). 

Strong brows are big this season as well. Full brows frame the face and give a more youthful look.

I over-tweezed in my 20's and thought for sure I would have to pencil my brows in for the rest of my life. That is, until I started using RevitaBrow ($98). This stuff is amazing! Within about 2 weeks I noticed new growth and my brows looked healthier and fuller. I still need to shape my brows with powder to even them out. I use the Jane Iredale Bitty Brow kit ($26). It's available in 2 shades, brunette and blonde, and comes with a transparent botanical brow wax to seal in the color and maintain the shape of the brow.

For a more bold, defined brow, try the Too Faced Brow Envy Shaping & Defining kit ($35). It comes with 3 different stencils to provide the perfect size and shape for any look.

Bold colored lips with light, natural make up bring attention to your gorgeous face. For day, I like to use my Jane Iredale Amazing Base SPF 20 ($42) as a base and finish with Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Pure Matte ($49.50) for a perfect satin finish. Add a white highlighter to the waterline and dust your cheeks with Nars Blush in Orgasm ($26). Easily transition this look to evening by adding black liner to the upper lash line and apply another coat of black mascara.

Bright reds and pinks are 2 of my favorite colors of the season. For red, try Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Terre De Feu ($25). A great pink shade is Chanel Rouge Allure in Insolente ($30), a limited edition color from the Spring 2011 collection.

Holiday Hair 2010

I love this style. It's simple, polished and easy to achieve.

Start with second day hair. If the hair is too clean it won't have the volume and hold you will need for a lasting style. If you feel like you absolutely must wash it, blow dry the hair completely dry, then use a dry shampoo to add texture and and a little volume. I recommend Unite 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo ($23) for brunettes and Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair ($22) for blondes.

Pull the hair back into a low ponytail on the right side of the nape of your neck. Twist into a bun and anchor with bobby pins. Finish with a firm hold hairspray like Kevin Murphy Session Spray ($22). Mist with a little shine spray right before you walk out the door.  I love Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray ($27). It's lightweight and gives the hair incredible shine.

This look is one that is easier than you might think. It's great for holiday, or any day for that matter, and translates well from day to evening. The most user friendly way to achieve this look is the Kevin Murphy Screen Siren Kit (around $40). Not only does the kit have everything you need but there is also a podcast on his website that is a step by step tutorial. And best of all,the Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity included in this kit does not contain alcohol (I have Hotheads extensions and styling products with alcohol will compromise the integrity of the bond). 

Chanel "Vendetta" $23

Deep, rich, dark colors are hot for Fall/Winter 2010. Metallic shades (silver, gold and bronze) still a holiday staple and can be worn on any skin tone.

OPI "My Private Jet" ($8) is a year round favorite of mine. Black base with multi-colored shimmer is a playful, fun way to wear this trend. 

Chanel "Vendetta" and "Lincoln Park After Dark" ($8) are, by far, my favorites in the deep purple family.

Another top pick of mine is OPI "Ski Teal We Drop". It's a great holiday shade that is also a perfect for spring and summer. Check out your local beauty supply for the entire OPI collection or visit for a wide variety of brands and colors.

Winter Skin Fixes

Is winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin? Lack of moisture is the most common culprit. You have heard it before, drink lots of water, but during the winter months it is important to up your intake. 

When the weather gets cold, the heater goes on. In the house, the office and the car, the heat is on almost 24 hours a day.This will definitely pull moisture from your skin. It is important to replenish the moisture from the inside out. Topical remedies are helpful, but in addition to increased water intake, you can beat the winter rough. A great moisturizer that will hydrate without leaving your skin greasy or clog pores is Dermaquest Revive Rich cream (about $72 for a 4 oz tube).

Even in the winter months it is important to wear sunscreen. My year round favorite is Solar Protection Formula TIZO3 SPF 40 Tinted Formulation (about $39 for a 1.5 oz tube).It is a full spectrum sunscreen and make up primer in one. Worn alone it gives a hint of color with a satin finish. Worn under make up, it primes the skin, evens skin tone and won't settle in fine lines or wrinkles.

For your hands and feet my absolute favorite cure is Bag Balm. You can find it in your local pharmacy, like CVS or Walgreen's. It's great to have on hand year round, but it is an absolute winter must. This little square green tub is an inexpensive way to treat dry, cracking, itchy skin ( under $10 for a 10 oz tub). Slather it on at night, put on some cotton socks and you will wake up in the morning with soft, hydrated skin.