Friday, January 7, 2011

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer, misrepresented or just misunderstood?

Whether you are Team Camille or Team Everyone Else, you have to admit, Camille Grammer is good TV. On screen and off, there is no shortage of drama. There is so much to talk about... 

On the very first episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer openly discusses using a surrogate for each of her 2 children. My first thought, echoed by a few of the other wives, was that she must not have wanted to lose her figure. I immediately felt bad for jumping to conclusions and decided she must have some sort of medical issue. It wasn't addressed on the show so I decided to find out. Apparently, Camille suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), so she and Kelsey chose to use a surrogate. Okay...

Every episode, I think to myself "This has to be the one where she redeems herself", and every episode to date has not been that one. Between her antics with the ladies, Nick (don't even get me started on him) and her commentary during the show, she isn't making it very easy to find her likable. She must have an extra self-esteem gene. What she blames on editing I see as a smug, vain, pseudo intellectual, egomaniac, but I digress. I just don't see any amount of editing that could portray her in this light without the tiniest bit of truth.

On her behalf, she has obviously had challenges in her marriage that we clearly do not know. She has stated she has had difficulty with relationships with women, her BFF D.D. has backed up her claim, blaming it on "female jealousy". And, as I stated earlier, she has IBS. I'm sure all these things have had an affect on her and shaped the woman she is today. That being said, that still doesn't excuse the behavior, and certainly doesn't change the fact that she has dethroned Danielle Staub as the most hated housewife to date. 

I wish her the best, but (in her own words), I am "cautiously optimistic".