Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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The Met’s Costume Institute Is Now ‘The Anna Wintour Costume Center’ (Really) - via Fashionista.com by Dhani Mau

We didn’t think it was possible, but Anna Wintour’s larger-than-life presence is about to be felt even more strongly within the industry… and the world.
In honor of her relationship with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute the Met is giving Anna Wintour a little belated Christmas gift. Nothing excessive — it’s just re-naming the entire Costume Institute exhibition space after her. It will here on out be known as The Anna Wintour Costume Design Center. “Just gonna kick around the Anna Wintour Costume Design Center after brunch.” Rolls right off the tongue.
Additionally, the space is being renovated and getting a redesign to be unveiled on May 8 with the debut of Charles James: Beyond Fashion. The curatorial department itself will still be called The Costume Institute.
The renaming makes sense: In addition to rallying her wealthy friends and colleagues to raise money for the organization — to the tune of $125 million — Wintour has likely had a bigger hand in the annual exhibitions and galas than we even know. More concretely, she’s been a Trustee of the Met since January 1999, serving as benefit chair and fundraiser. Other official duties include “helping to secure sponsorships and funding for exhibitions as well as for the two-year renovation and other projects,” according to a release sent out by the museum.
“Anna Wintour’s extraordinary advocacy and fundraising have made this state-of-the-art space a reality,” said Daniel Brodsky, the Museum’s Chairman. “She has the rare ability to rally diverse groups across a wide range of industries to support The Costume Institute so it can educate and inspire visitors from around the world.”
Thomas P. Campbell, director and CEO of the Met, called Wintour “an exceptional benefactor, advocate and friend.”
Since we doubt the Met did this without Wintour’s permission, we presume Wintour is on board with one of New York’s most iconic institutions using her name. So, congrats, Anna! We can’t wait to see the AWCC for ourselves. Hopefully there’s also some sort of framed photo or stone bust involved.