Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gosselin Twins Diss Kate Gosselin on 'Today Show'

Looks like someone is getting snubbed yet again for Mother of the Year.

Kate Gosselin's twins, Mady and Cara made it clear that they are no longer going along with Kate's futile attempt to try and convince us all that her family has been unaffected by all the camera's, publicity stunts and very public break up with their father, Jon. 

The fame hungry matriarch of the Gosselin clan was met with quiet defiance by her twin daughters this morning on the "Today Show". As if their facial expressions and body language didn't show their disdain for their mother's attempt to control them, their answers to Savannah Guthrie's questions, or lack thereof, is proof the girls are no longer afraid to show their true feelings. 

I can only imagine the wrath these girls received once the cameras stop rolling.

Check out the full, uncomfortable interview here:

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