Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas!

The tree is beaming, the fire is lit, the puppies are playing. It's a great way to start Christmas day! I must admit, this holiday has been a little different. 

My stepdaughter is 14 years old and has a social life Paris Hilton couldn't even keep up with. We see her today, then off to her friend's house for a slumber party and on to the next event. She's booked up all break then back to school. We have to make an appointment just to see our kid! I'm sure I'm not alone, thank goodness for our pups or I'd have a terminal case of empty nest syndrome!

I lost my uncle earlier this month, quickly and unexpectedly. He was my mom's brother (Mom is the oldest of 10) and his presence at the Musich family Christmas eve gathering has been sorely missed. He was not the first sibling my mother has lost, she lost her sister to cancer a few years back, she was 41 years young.

In prior years, I was so concerned about the production of Christmas dinner. Table set just right, four course meal, everything had to be perfect. It was so stressful on me, and my family, I don't think it was enjoyable for anyone. The holidays are stressful anyway, why make it worse?

This year, as I mentioned earlier, is a little different. The Christmas menu is much less elaborate; pizza, salad and ice cream for desert. Making that change and being focused more on the people I love is making it a happier holiday for everyone.

Happy holidays!

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